CWA 3106

CWA 3106
4076 Union Hall Place
Jacksonville, Florida 32205
Phone: (904) 384-2222

Eric Brunke - President

I was born in Jacksonville, FL and spent my early years traveling with my parents to various places around the world, my father was in the Navy, I returned to Jacksonville after he retired.

I spent several years and attended Terry Parker High School for one year until my family moved to Mill Creek, FL in St. Johns County, the area is now known as World Golf Village. At age 17 I enlisted in the Marines and served in the infantry for the next 13 years before being medically separated for injuries that occurred during Desert Storm.

I began my career with Southern Bell in 1993 at the Directory Assistance office on Mill Creek Rd in Jacksonville. After which I was promoted to the Service Technician title working out of Rolac Rd, then with four years of service I became a Facility Technician still working out of the Rolac work center.

A few years later I lost my mind and accepted a management position in I&M, and then C&E, then I regained my sanity and took my tools back.

People have always asked me about contractual issues with the Company so I became a Steward. After which I was approached about running for my current position which I accepted. It is my belief that you cannot lead from behind, you must be out in front fighting for whats right and never forgetting the people that you are fighting for.

I may get knocked down on an occasion but I will never fail to stand back up and continue to fight for you, my brothers, my sisters, and our Union. Thank you for your support and may God Bless you and keep you safe and remember you can only die once, every time you awake you get to live again, it is up to you to determine what it is you are living for. 

Josh Denmark - 2nd Executive Vice President

I began my career with AT&T In 2000.  In 2011 I was elected Second Executive Vice President of CWA Local 3106 and took office in December, 2011.

Shonella Gray - Secretary / Treasurer

I was hired by Bellsouth on December 11, 2000, and worked in the Consumer Sales Department for 9 yrs. I have two beautiful boys Mikeal and Tyler Peterson. I work hard for their future.

I became a job steward in 2003, then went on to become Department Vice President in 2006. I then became the Secretary/Treasurer December 2008.

I am committed to CWA and the title Secretary/Treasurer. My goal is to help our local grow, to improve the lives of membership, and to improve our financial status. I look forward to working with you.

Angela Corker- 1st Executive Vice President

I began with AT&T March 1984n Consumer Services where we leased and provided services for customers. In September 1996, our center became a part of Lucent technologies. Our services moved into the technical services side, providing support for "Merlin, Partner" and other small business systems.In August 2000, our office became Ayava, which was a spin off of Lucent technologies. In March of 2002, our center was surplused and the work moved the center to Denver.

In March 2004, I returned going to repair center in the tower with Bellsouth as a temp. In April 2005 I transferred into the Consumer Collections Center, and in May 2013 I began my current position in Global Billing.

In my years and my journey with the Companies I have remained an active member of CWA. As soon as I was able, I became a membe. I became a steward in the late 80's. I was chief steward for Lucent & Ayava. I became 1st EVP for our local in 2016, I have been and continue to be involved in the committees of our local. I have been and will be always remained committed to our local and union, and the work for our members.