CWA 3106

CWA 3106
4076 Union Hall Place
Jacksonville, Florida 32205
Phone: (904) 384-2222

Angela Corker-  President

I began with AT&T March 1984n Consumer Services where we leased and provided services for customers. In September 1996, our center became a part of Lucent technologies. Our services moved into the technical services side, providing support for "Merlin, Partner" and other small business systems.In August 2000, our office became Ayava, which was a spin off of Lucent technologies. In March of 2002, our center was surplused and the work moved the center to Denver.
In March 2004, I returned going to repair center in the tower with Bellsouth as a temp. In April 2005 I transferred into the Consumer Collections Center, and in May 2013 I began my current position in Global Billing.

In my years and my journey with the Companies I have remained an active member of CWA. As soon as I was able, I became a member. I became a steward in the late 80's. I was chief steward for Lucent & Ayava. I became 1st EVP for our local in 2016 and President in 2020, I have been and continue to be involved in the committees of our local. I have been and will be always remained committed to our local and union, and the work for our members.

Josh Denmark - 2nd Executive Vice President

I began my career with AT&T In 2000.  In 2011 I was elected Second Executive Vice President of CWA Local 3106 and took office in December, 2011.

Shonella Gray - Secretary / Treasurer

I was hired by Bellsouth on December 11, 2000, and worked in the Consumer Sales Department for 9 yrs. I have two beautiful boys Mikeal and Tyler Peterson. I work hard for their future.

I became a job steward in 2003, then went on to become Department Vice President in 2006. I then became the Secretary/Treasurer December 2008.

I am committed to CWA and the title Secretary/Treasurer. My goal is to help our local grow, to improve the lives of membership, and to improve our financial status. I look forward to working with you.